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What's Hot What's Not in 2014

Our top 12 for 2014 were derived from the cumulative weekly polling of 875 wedding cake baker/designers across the USA including Hawaii and Alaska between February 1, 2013 and September 1, 2013.

1. Fluffy, puffy and layered cake designs―

Expect to see wedding cake designs that use delicate layers of frosting ribbons filling up the tiers in either a vertical or horizontal manner. Also, you'll see the growing popularity of puffy decorations that engulfs the bridal cake. The popularity is directly linked to corresponding wedding dress designs.

2. Groom's Cakes Are Going Crazy―

Finally, bridal magazines are discussing the explosion of groom's cakes requests. Probably, due to brides and their grooms ordering them in record numbers. Our surveys say in 2014, approximately 14% more couples will be having them.

3. Cupcakes―

It's a real love-hate relationship. Brides either love cupccakes in place of a wedding cake or they hate the thought. Without a question, they have grown in popularity and will continue to be an primary option for 2014.

4. Themed Wedding Cake Toppers Are Running Rampant―

Brides are steering away from traditional “couple” toppers and looking for everything from couples on motorcycles to skateboarding. As a good example, we list 145 of the most frequently searched wedding cake topper phrases on our “Best Wedding Cake Toppers” webpage.

5. Damask Design―

Damask hit its peak in late 2011. Many bakers are reporting requests for Damask designs dropping around 40%. This shows us a decline is continuing and will continue to drop in 2014. We predict the Damask craze will be over in the first quarter of 2014.

6. Topsy-Turvy Shapes―

This shape continues its fall. Initially, topsy-turvy shaped cakes had designs that were bright, loud and typically whimsical. For 2014, more cake designers are using the topsy-turvy shape and decorating them with contemporary elements in a formal fashion. We project by early 2015 they will have ran their course.

7. Monograms―

The uses of metal or acrylic monogram initials for the top of the cake are at an all time high. Especially the use of crystals either placed randomly or completely covering the monogram. In addition, baker/designers are telling us hand scripting monograms as a design element on the side of a tier will be very popular in 2014.

8. Mother Earth―

Bakers are reporting up to a 18% increase for "Mother Earth" or "Nature" designs. These are designs which incorporate, tree bark, branches, leaves, vines, flowers, seascapes or other expressions of nature in general. This trend is predicted to continue upward for years to come as the "Green" movement continues to become part of our society.

9. The Use Of Darker Colors (and gray is back)―

The hottest colors for 2014 will be darker purples, darker blues and black. For the first time in thirty years, we're seeing a move toward using lighter shades of gray coupled with a softer color palette.

10. Themed―

Over the last 5 years, “traditional” style wedding cake designs from the 80's and 90's, have been declining. Today's brides are leaning away from the perceived notion of tradition and having more fun with their designs. Due to this shift, more brides are choosing contemporary designs and “themed” designs. This includes everything from their honeymoon destination to hobbies and “likes” they share in common.

11. More Sugar Paste Flowers―

According to the majority of wedding cake baker/designers we surveyed from Feb 2013 through September 2013, the trend continues higher. Overall, baker/designers told us 3 out of 10 bridal cakes will use sugar paste flowers, 5 out of 10 will use fresh flowers and 2 out of 10 will not use any flowers.

12. The Use Of Social Media For Finding A Cake Baker/Designer―

Brides are telling us they are using social media like “Facebook” “Yelp,” “,” “” and other sites to find and evaluate wedding cake bakers.

While the concept seems fair and reasonable, be careful when reviewing…well, reviews!

I know it's hard to believe, but you can't believe everything you read on the Internet…that includes social media outlets. When we polled 5000+ brides and asked if they trusted the opinions of others for helping them choose wedding vendors, the results were astounding. 72% of brides admitted while they read review sites, they don't really make a decision based upon the opinions of strangers.

Here's an interesting observation. 85% of polled brides admitted it's very likely many of the negative reviews are from competitor's using their friends and family to bash each other.

This is another illustration of why you need to have a proven method to judge a wedding cake baker/designer instead of relying on other people's opinions.


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