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Our Choices For The 50 Best Wedding Cake Stand Websites
…and search terms to find stands that are
―a little different

Every 90 days we search for the best wedding cakes stands and wedding cake pedestals websites using the consensus of 3 experienced wedding cake designers.

They use search engines Google and Yahoo to rank the first 50 pages for each of the following terms: wedding cakes stands, wedding cake pedestals, wedding cake bases, wedding cake plateaus, and wedding cake holders.

(Sidenote: In our latest search, we encountered a wedding cake pedestal website that infected one of our computers with a virus. Separately, we came across a wedding cake plateau website that wasn’t selling plateaus it was promoting a top 10 list…that was sort of creepy. Please be careful. Using our filtered list should help.)

The designers sort out all the websites that…don’t really sell wedding cakes stands or wedding cake pedestals. It seems those sites’ only purpose is for you to click on Google ads to collect a couple of pennies. On behalf of our industry, we apologize that you need to squander a portion of your precious time on them.

Then, the designers set aside most of the websites that link directly to “Amazon” or “ebay.” Instead, we’ve listed Amazon and ebay as two of our choices.

Some of the websites don’t have many items. We included them for their unique stands or for price comparison purposes.

Here are 50 websites that make and/or sell wedding cake pedestals, wedding cake plateaus, stands, bases and holders. Simply hold the control button and click your mouse over the link. If the site has a “search” function, type in “wedding cake stand.”

Also, you can use specific search terms to find a wedding cake pedestal, plateau, or base that coordinates with the theme of your wedding or because you want something different.

Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of 36 specific search terms. As stated, be aware, many of the search phrases may yield websites that do not have the actual products.

Tip: Copy and paste the below search phrases into Google and click images.
Then click on the photo of the stand that pops up. Sometimes it will take you to the corresponding site that sells it.

  • 1. 2 tier wedding cake stand
  • 2. 3 tier wedding cake stand
  • 3. 4 tier wedding cake stand
  • 4. 5 tier wedding cake stand
  • 5. 7 tier wedding cake stand
  • 6. 8 tier wedding cake stand
  • 7. Acrylic wedding cake stands
  • 8. Black wedding cake stand
  • 9. Cascading wedding cake stands
  • 10. Cheap wedding cake stands
  • 11. Cinderella wedding cake stand
  • 12. Clear wedding cake stands
  • 13. Contemporary wedding cake stands
  • 14. Crystal wedding cake stands
  • 15. Cupcake wedding cake stands
  • 16. Elegant wedding cake stands
  • 17. Floating wedding cake stands
  • 18. Fountain wedding cake stands

  • 19. Glass wedding cake stands
  • 20. Gold wedding cake stands
  • 21. Lighted wedding cake stand
  • 22. Metal wedding cake stands
  • 23. Modern wedding cake stands
  • 24. Plastic wedding cake stands
  • 25. Round wedding cake stands
  • 26. Rustic wedding cake stands
  • 27. Silver wedding cake stands
  • 28. Silver plated wedding cake stands
  • 29. Square wedding cake stands
  • 30. Tiered wedding cake stand
  • 31. Unique wedding cake stands
  • 32. Unusual wedding cake stands
  • 33. Vintage wedding cake stands
  • 34. White wedding cake stand
  • 35. Wooden wedding cake stands
  • 36. Wrought iron wedding cake stands

(Disclaimer: nor any of its associates has ownership in a wedding cake plateau, stand, or pedestal company, nor do we get paid affiliate commissions for sales via our direct linking.)


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