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Not After Watching This You Won't

Our method to find competent and caring bakers is turning the wedding cake industry upside-down.

NOTICE: As a result of the “My Opinion” surveys to provide names of bakers throughout the US who meet the standards according to our resource materials, we have launched a program called, “Gold Standard Wedding Cake Bakers of America.”

The “Gold Standard Wedding Cake Bakers” who will be recognized on our website will have earned the right to be here.

Unlike any other website, organization or association, they will need to prove they fully embrace and live by the first set of tough-as-nails “2014 Code Of Policies, Procedures And Standards For Wedding Cake Baker/Designers.”

To date, our “Gold Standard Baker” screening test has been so stringent, 84% of applicants have flunked the first time.

Right about now you may be thinking, “Wow the standards must be ridiculously high!”

Here's the BIG surprise…They are not. We have made them high enough, so YOU receive excellent service at fair prices and to set new standards for customer service and care.

Besides that, the test is not ridiculously stringent–it's tough enough to weed out the baker/designers who think you should use them for no other justifiable reason…except for the same old rationale “their cakes look good and they use fresh ingredients.”

To summarize our commitment to helping you find a baker with “Gold Standard Excellence,” we'll explain it like this:

There are two kinds of wedding cake bakers:

Ones who believe and comply with the “2014 Code of Policies, Procedures and Standards for Wedding Cake Bakers…and those who don't.

(Which one would you rather do business with?)


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for your wedding cake
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You'll automatically be registered for 3 consecutive monthly drawings.

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