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Here's A List Of 100 Bakery Websites For The Best Photos Of Wedding Cakes
…and how to use rare wedding cake search terms
to find additional interesting pictures

If you thought we had a unique system for finding photos of magical wedding cakes...well, we're not exactly magicians, but we do have a couple novel approaches.

Every 90 days, we roll up our sleeves, chug a few pots of java and hit the laptops.

We begin by using search engines Google and Yahoo to rank the first 250 pages for each of the following terms: Photos of wedding cakes, wedding cakes, wedding cake designs, wedding cake pictures and wedding cake ideas.

Then, among three experienced cake designers, they personally click on every link of the 12,500 possibilities to view the results.

They immediately eliminate wedding cake marketing websites whose real purpose is to get you to click on Google ads instead of actually helping you. They also disallow bridal websites, because most brides have already seen those photos.

That leaves authentic bakeries and cake artists. They visit every website and rank them with a score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest.

Websites that rank a 7 or higher stay in the running and the rest are dismissed like the losing contestants on those cake challenges.

To finish, each wedding cake designer presents their favorite 100 websites and as a 3-judge panel they choose a consensus 100.

(Beginning next quarter, we will pour over professional cake decorating magazines to consider adding cake designers that are very talented, but don't rank well on a Google search.)

Why did we take the time to explain all of this? It's because most brides only Google the search term “wedding cakes” or a variation and then click images.

The last time we checked there were over 4,250,000 results!

While that sounds like a lot of cool choices to go through, all that sifting is time consuming and has been known to make your eyes bug-out after a few hours. You could be literally clicking photos for 5 straight months, 24/7, before you're finished.

So, to shave off most of that time, we have two ways to help you find some pretty awesome photos of wedding cakes.

First, we give you our favorite choices. Many of these are websites you probably wouldn't have visited, since no rational person spends 4 whole days going through 1250 pages looking at photos…except for us.

Second, we recommend you use specific search terms, such as: Square wedding cakes or Black and white wedding cakes. That way, you'll be able to view photos that are targeted to your actual needs.

To begin your tour, here is the top 100 bakery and cake artist websites for the winter of 2013-2014.

(If the thought crept into your head that we stuffed the list with “Gold Standard Wedding Cake Bakers”…we didn't. In addition, the choices are in random order to prevent any potential conflict of interest or favoritism between Gold Standard Wedding Cake Bakers and non-participating bakers who made the list.)

Here is a list in alphabetical order of 86 specific search terms that will help you find photos of wedding cakes you probably haven't seen or considered.

  • 1 2 tier wedding cake
  • 2 3 tier wedding cakes
  • 3 Amazing wedding cakes
  • 4 Asian wedding cakes
  • 5 Autumn wedding cakes
  • 6 Beach wedding cakes
  • 7 Black and white wedding cakes
  • 8 Big wedding cakes
  • 9 Black wedding cakes
  • 10 Bling wedding cakes
  • 11 Blue wedding cakes
  • 12 Blue and white wedding cakes
  • 13 Budget wedding cakes
  • 14 Buttercream wedding cakes
  • 15 Butterfly wedding cakes
  • 16 Calla lily wedding cake
  • 17 Castle wedding cakes
  • 18 Celebrity wedding cakes
  • 19 Cheap wedding cakes
  • 20 Cherry blossom wedding cake
  • 21 Chocolate wedding cakes
  • 22 Christmas wedding cakes
  • 23 Cinderella wedding cakes
  • 24 Classic wedding cakes
  • 25 Colorful wedding cakes
  • 26 Contemporary wedding cakes
  • 27 Cool wedding cakes
  • 28 Country wedding cakes
  • 29 Couture wedding cakes
  • 30 Cowboy wedding cakes
  • 31 Crazy wedding cakes
  • 32 Creative wedding cakes
  • 33 Custom wedding cakes
  • 34 Daisy wedding cakes
  • 35 Different wedding cakes
  • 36 Expensive wedding cakes
  • 37 Fake wedding cakes
  • 38 Fancy wedding cakes
  • 39 Fall wedding cakes
  • 40 Fancy wedding cakes
  • 41 Fleur de leis wedding cake
  • 42 Floral wedding cakes
  • 43 Fondant wedding cakes

  • 44 Fountain wedding cakes
  • 45 French wedding cakes
  • 46 Fun wedding cakes
  • 47 Funny wedding cakes
  • 48 Gorgeous wedding cakes
  • 49 Halloween wedding cakes
  • 50 Hawaii wedding cakes
  • 51 Heart wedding cakes
  • 52 Indian wedding cakes
  • 53 Individual wedding cakes
  • 54 Lace wedding cake
  • 55 Mexican wedding cakes
  • 56 Mini wedding cakes
  • 57 Orchid wedding cake
  • 58 Pink wedding cakes
  • 59 Pink and black wedding cakes
  • 60 Pink and brown wedding cakes
  • 61 Polka dot wedding cakes
  • 62 Purple wedding cakes
  • 63 Red wedding cakes
  • 64 Red and white wedding cakes
  • 65 Round wedding cakes
  • 66 Seashell wedding cakes
  • 67 Sandcastle wedding cake
  • 68 Silver wedding cakes
  • 69 Simple wedding cakes
  • 70 Small wedding cake
  • 71 Snowflake wedding cake
  • 72 Square wedding cakes
  • 73 Stacked wedding cakes
  • 74 Summer wedding cakes
  • 75 Sunflower wedding cake
  • 76 Theme wedding cakes
  • 77 Tiered wedding cakes
  • 78 Tiffany wedding cake
  • 79 Top wedding cakes
  • 80 Traditional wedding cake
  • 81 Tropical wedding cakes
  • 82 Unique wedding cakes
  • 83 Unusual wedding cakes
  • 84 Vintage wedding cakes
  • 85 White wedding cakes
  • 86 Yellow wedding cakes

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