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  • 9) Are you able to deliver to my venue, which is ________and how much will it cost?
  • 10) How do your wedding cake designs differ from other baker/designers?
Now that you’ve gone through all 129 questions, in addition to the top 10, “choose the questions that you want and need to ask.” Then, go to the individual baker/designer’s websites and see if they have FAQs that answer any of your questions.

After that, pick up the phone and say, “Hi, my name is _________and I’m interested in getting a wedding cake from you. Do you have a minute to answer some questions?"

The bottom line is, if they give you the responses you’re looking for, make an appointment. If they don’t…RUN!


   STEP 2. Appointment Preparation Planning.  

Planning for your consultation helps both you and the baker/designer get the most from your appointment. (Most baker/designers schedule 1 hour consultations.) As well as being a well-informed bride, your bakers will “L-O-V-E” you for being prepared.

Instead of going over 100 things you could do prior to your appointments, here are the top-eleven suggestions according to the 12,000 brides we surveyed and interviewed for “pre-qualifying” bakers.

    11 Ultimate Suggestions To Get Ready For Your Appointment.

  • 1) Have a rough idea for your budget.

    Yes, you should have a rough idea of what you would like to spend on your bride's and/or groom's cakes. If you're not sure, read chapter five in "The #1 Ultimate Bride's Guide To Buying A Wedding Cake." This way your baker/designer can steer you toward choosing wedding cake designs that meet your criteria and budget.
  • 2) Think about how many guests you are expecting.

    While this might sound like an obvious question, bakers tell us many brides do not have a good estimate when they arrive for their consultation. In our research, we’ve come across 3 good ways to estimate how much cake to order. Here’s one simple method if you don’t have the foggiest clue, but your baker needs a rough number. Take your entire guest list and multiple it by 60%. (e.g. 400 invited guests times 60% equals 240 servings of cake.)
  • 3) Reflect on your cake flavors.

    While most bakers will offer or suggest sample wedding cakes flavors to help you decide, consider asking friends, family and co-workers which wedding cakes flavors they enjoy. Then at your consultation, ask your baker/designer if they can make the flavors they suggested. Also consider favorite wedding cakes flavors from your childhood, cakes you’ve eaten at holidays, while on vacation or maybe there was a neighborhood restaurant with a wonderful homemade cakes you loved.


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